"Hi Mark,

You are a superb tutor... Here is a testimonial that you are welcome to use:

My wife and I were very pleased with Mark's tutoring services in Physics and Chemistry. Our daughter enjoyed working with him and we believe that he helped her to meaningfully improve her performance in these subjects. He had been recommended to us by her academic advisor, who had recommended him to many other families in the past. As our daughter is an excellent student in other subject areas it was particularly gratifying that she enjoyed working with him in subjects that were not her favorites." - C.K., Newton MA

“Dr. Z. has not only dramatically improved our son’s performance in physics, but, more significantly, he has completely changed our son’s attitude towards what had been his worst subject. We were shocked when our son entered the car after his first session with Dr. Z. and announced, “That was actually fun.” Dr. Z. approaches the subject matter in a way that resonates with the kids, and his enthusiasm clearly rubs off on them. From a parent’s perspective, Dr. Z. is easy-to-reach, responsive and flexible with respect to scheduling sessions. While better grades are clearly a good thing, the real value in using Dr. Z. is the self-esteem and confidence that he develops in his students. We will certainly continue to work with him for chemistry. We recommend Dr. Z. wholeheartedly and with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever.”- Andy, Dover MA

"Mark Zagaeski was able to help my son get his head around a very demanding AP Physics class. He had been struggling from the very beginning of the class and somehow Mark very patiently worked with my son each week. It was the extra bolster my son needed to understand the class and the extra confidence to fully participate. Mark's years of teaching all types of learning styles was apparent. He was also an extremely nice person and always treated my son with kindness and respect. It really helped my son expand his understanding of Physics and his own learning style as a student." - A.P., Weston MA

"I am a strong student of the humanities who struggles greatly when it comes to numbers. Dr. Z was able to place quantitative matters into a context that I understood by thoroughly explaining the origins of formulas and scientific concepts. Once I understood why I was completing the problem sets that I was assigned in science class, I became more engaged and was able to interpolate based on the "big picture" that Dr. Z provided. He is a patient teacher with a unique ability to determine the learning styles of his students. I highly recommend him to both the most confident and the most trepidatious of students-- no matter which, he will broaden your perspective and sharpen your understanding." - H.K., Newton MA